Supermarket Tours & Pantry Makeovers

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There are so many amazing things to purchase these days! But there are also a huge array of "Frankenfoods" masquerading as ACTUAL food! Find out more about reading labels, where to shop, what to buy, what to avoid and how to best navigate that jungle known as "The Supermarket"! Supermarket Tours fees are $30 per person BUT Supermarket Tours are great as a group, so contact me for discount group rates!


Start at the home base! It's time to whip it out! What's in your cupboard, that is!! Let me help you organize your kitchen/pantry/fridge and create a healthy kitchen that's working for you. Rest assured: get ready for energy stealing foods we're going to toss and burn! Pantry Makeovers range from $30-60 with discounts given when linked with Supermarket Tours. Contact me for more information and booking times!